We love great beer

We want people to only drink great beer, which is why we produce high-quality, custom-designed professional brewing equipment so brewers can make great beer.

And we offer this equipment at competitive prices, suitable for any budget, so that making great beer doesn’t break your bank account. Since 2011, Brovarni has manufactured micro- and industrial-brewing equipment able to make 200 to 20,000 liters per batch.

Our brewhouses can be designed for any type of beer including non-alcoholic beer, for craft breweries, industrial breweries, mini- and micro-breweries, and turnkey breweries. We also provide bottling and canning lines, beer filters, and auxiliary brewing equipment.

Small-volume brew houses or mobile brewing systems can be used to create new recipes for beer before producing a large batch.

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We offer 2-vessel, 3-vessel, 4-vessel and multiple-vessel system for any purpose.
Automated microbrewery plants are suitable to do multiple brews daily.The brewhouse of the mini-brewery is suitable to brew malt wort by the infusion or decoction methods. All brewhouse vessels are installed on a working platform, which enables easy access to all vessels’ components below the platform.
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