We offer 2-vessel, 3-vessel, 4-vessel and multiple-vessel system for any purpose. Automated microbrewery plants are suitable to do multiple brews daily. Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) and Cold Liquor Tank (CLT) can be installed separately with each system. Each basic brewing operation is performed in a separate brewhouse vessel with 4 or multiple vessel design.

All brewhouse vessels are installed on a working platform, which enables easy access to all vessels’ components below the platform. Our brewing equipment is fully PLC-controlled, with ability to change any parameters during the brewing process, including temperatures and times of brewing operations. The brewhouse heating system (steam or electric) and the cellar chilling system (fermenting & conditioning process) are fully automatic.

All brewing operations/processes are controlled from a central control panel/touchpad in semi-automatic regime but can be fully computerized using remote access from computer or cell phone. Our 20HL, 30HL, 40HL, 50HL, 60HL or 80HL microbrewery plants are usually fully automated (computer control with pneumatic valve control).

The Classic Brewhouse (2 vessels):

  • Mash/Kettle/Whirlpool tun + Lauter tun + any auxiliary vessels.
  • Two vessels are placed on a working platform. Semi-automatic or automatic control cabinet with a central touchpad control panel.

The Classic Brewhouse (3-vessel):

  • Mash-kettle tun + Lauter tun + Whirlpool + any auxiliary vessels.
  • 3-vessel brewhouse can be designed for upgrade to 4-vessel, 5-vessel or 6-vessel.

The Classic Brewhouse (4-vessel or multiple-vessel system) can have following configurations:

  • Mash tun + Lauter tun + Kettle + Whirlpool.
  • Mash tun + Lauter tun + Temporary wort storage tank + Kettle + Whirlpool.
  • Mash tun + Mash tun + Lauter tun + Temporary wort storage tank + Kettle + Whirlpool + any auxiliary vessels.


We manufacture industrial brewery equipment, deliver, install turnkey brewery plants with complete service:

  • CCT tanks for fermenting, brite-beer tanks, special dispensing tanks for beer drafting.
  • Hot water system. Wort-coolers, aerators, hot water tanks - HLT, steam generators. Cold water system, system for ice production - CLT, glycol chilling units. Complete malt-handling system, malt-mills, augers, grist case, grain scales, malt silos. Automatic brewhouse control system with remote control, cellar tanks control system with central control panel.
  • CIP-station. Yeast tanks for cleaning and storing of brewer’s yeasts, or yeast propagation station. Beer filters: Kieselguhr, plate or sterile cartridge beer filters. Beer filling & packaging operation: bottling, kegging, one way KEG filling equipment. Pump, motor-reducer and safety valves of foreign production (Europe, Turkey, Japan). Pressure and gas equipment (CO2 and nitrogen). Draft beer equipment..
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