About us

Brovarni is a manufacturer of micro and industrial brewing equipment for output of 200 to 20,000 liters per batch. Our brewhouses can be designed for any type of beer, including non-alcoholic beer.

Small volume brew houses or mobile brewing systems can be used to create new recipes for beer before producing a large batch.

Our Cylindrical-Conical Tanks (CCT) are equipped with a forced cooling double circuit for automatic control of beer temperature, and are equipped with additional thermal insulation. Moreover, both the brewhouse and fermentation shop can be located in one small room, which will allow you to open your mini-brewery at minimal cost.

Brovarni also offers special models of mini- and micro-breweries, with a volume of 300 and 500 liters per batch, which are best suited for small pubs and restaurants. We can create a system that meets your sales volume and the type of beer that you want to offer your visitors, as well as the frequency of brews that meet your needs. Our breweries are technologically suited to produce any type of beer, including your own unique recipes.

Nowadays, craft beer is very popular and widely brewed using special recipes and techniques, with the addition of non-traditional ingredients, ranging from spices and herbs to berries and other flavors. Offering unique craft beers in your bar or restaurant can very quickly make your place popular, special and profitable.

The production rate of the brewery correlates with the working volume of the brewhouse. You can do a single brew per day or multiple brews to maximize your productivity. We recommend you plan your new brewery with an appropriate reserve of working volume to accommodate increases in your sales.

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